How to preserve dried flowers

The preservation of dried flowers requires attention to multiple aspects to ensure their color, shape, and lifespan are maintained. Here are some key preservation methods:

1. Avoid direct sunlight: UV rays are the main factor causing fading of dried flowers. Therefore, dried flowers should be placed in a location that avoids direct sunlight and is bright but not strongly lit.

2. Control humidity: Dry flowers should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent mold growth or deformation caused by moisture. Avoid placing dried flowers in damp corners or poorly ventilated areas.

3. Proper packaging: Transparent plastic film or cling bags can be used to package dried flowers, while adding a small amount of peat or desiccant to absorb moisture and further prevent moisture.

dried flowers

4. Regularly replace packaging bags: Due to the small amount of moisture and odor released by dried flowers, long-term storage may affect the quality. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly replace dry packaging bags to avoid prolonged exposure of dried flowers to harmful substances.

5. Dust prevention and cleaning: Dry flowers should be regularly cleaned to remove dust. They can be gently wiped with a dry cloth or cleaned with the cold air stop of a hair dryer. Be careful to avoid using strong winds or high temperatures to prevent damage to dried flowers.

6. Insect prevention treatment: Although dry flower pests are not common, preventive measures are still important. Insecticides can be added when storing dried flowers to prevent pest infestation.

7. Storage method: If dried flowers have stems, branches, leaves, or fruits, they can be wrapped in newspaper and placed in a cardboard box along with insect repellent and desiccant, and sealed with tape. Dried fruit flowers can be placed in sealed containers along with insect repellents.

In summary, the correct preservation method can extend the lifespan of dried flowers and maintain their beauty. By following the above suggestions, you can better appreciate and preserve the natural beauty of dried flowers.