Frequently Asked Questions


Are the flowers real and how long do they last?

All preserved and dried flowers are 100% real flowers. 

They are cut at the peak of their beauty and are either naturally air dried or put in a dehydrating solution containing ethanol and then glycerin.

This process allows the flowers to maintain their natural shape and beauty and can last from up to 5 years or longer. 


Do the flowers need to be watered? 

Not at all - the best thing about preserved/dried flowers is their super low maintenance. Keep them away from sunlight and no water needed. 


What is the difference between Dried and Preserved? 

Dried flowers have been air-dried naturally - This includes our dried lavender, pampas grass and palm leaves. 

Preserved flowers have been soaked with a solution that allows it to last longer. 

Some flowers will wither and shrink when air dried naturally thus a preservative is added to keep the flowers looking fresh and beautiful. 

This includes our roses, hydrangeas and ferns. 

Preserved flowers may appear wet when you receive it. They are very fragile in this state as they are flexible and malleable. 

Items such as our fern and monstera is very fragile and flexible. 

We suggest drying them out completely on a flat surface before using it in an arrangement or vase.

The stems are very fragile and will need to be reinforced. 


How do I care for my pampas?

After unwrapping your pampas, you can fluff them to their fullest by gently shaking them for about 20 seconds or use a hairdryer on low. Shedding is normal and we recommend doing this outdoors. Another option is to roll the stem in the palm of your hands to loosen up the plumes. Once your plumes are loose and fluffy - spray a light hairspray to minimize the shedding as well as to keep the plumes in shape. 

Keep away from direct sunlight. No watering needed.


How do I care for my preserved eucalyptus? 

Although preserved, eucalyptus is sturdier than other preserved flowers.

The scent will last between 1-3 months and can be refreshed by spraying some essential oil or by releasing its natural oil by pressing the leaves and stems.

This can be done by using a circular surface such as a rolling pin.

Place the eucalyptus on a flat surface and release the natural oil by rolling the pin on the leaves and stems. 


Do you make custom arrangements? 

Yes we do! Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal shower or just interested in a new arrangement for your home. We would love to create a unique arrangement for you.

Please email us at


How long does it take to get my order?

Our currently processing time is 5-7 business days. It may take longer for a larger quantity order to be fulfilled. If you need your order by a specific date, please contact us by email at


Can I Pickup Instore?

Yes, pickup is located in our store in

97 Maitland St.

Toronto, Ontario



Do you offer Returns and Refunds?

No, All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.


My order came in damaged. What can I do? 

We pack all items carefully with bubble-wrap and double-lined boxes.

Unfortunately, we do not have any control on how the package is handled when we hand it over to the carrier.

We ship using Canada Post/USPS at this time.

If your package arrived damaged, We would be happy to help you file a claim.

Please contact us providing your contact information as well as the photos of the damaged items.


My order is delayed. How can I check the status? 

Canada Post/USPS only offers tracking information for express, expedited and priority shipping in Canada or tracked packet, expedited and express for USA and International shipments.

Tracking information will be provided to eligible shipments as soon as the order has been shipped.

Canada Post/USPS does not have a delivery date guaranteed including express and priority shipments. 


Please contact us before placing an order if you need the items on a specific date.