Precautions during the transportation of dried flowers

The precautions during the transportation of dried flowers can be summarized as follows:

1、 Packaging requirements

①. Choose appropriate packaging materials: Soft, durable, and moisture-proof packaging materials such as paper bags, fiber bags, paper boxes, or wooden boxes should be selected to protect dried flowers from moisture and external damage.

②. Choose the appropriate packaging size based on the size and quantity of dried flowers, to avoid overstocking, friction, or collision caused by being too large or too small.

③. Use inner packaging materials, such as soft paper or foam, to further reduce friction and collision of dried flowers during transportation.

2、 Transportation conditions

①. Temperature control: Although dried flowers are less sensitive to temperature than fresh flowers, it is still important to avoid high or low temperatures during transportation to maintain the optimal condition of dried flowers.

②. Avoid severe vibration: Dried flowers should avoid severe vibration as much as possible during transportation to reduce damage to the flowers and stems.

3、 Treatment of special dried flowers

For dried flowers such as Mantianxing and Forget Me Not, which have many flower heads and are not easy to fall off, the flower branches can be wrapped with paper or non-woven fabric and fixed on the express box. For dry flowers that are more fragile, such as roses and kumquats, they should be wrapped in hard paper and appropriately extended to form a protective cover at the flower head, or wrapped with bubble wrap for additional protection.

4、 Customs clearance and compliance with regulations (for international transportation)

①. Understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations to ensure that the transported dried flowers comply with the standards and regulations of the importing country.

②. Prepare necessary customs clearance documents, such as certificates of origin, quarantine certificates, etc., to cope with possible customs clearance procedures.

In summary, during the transportation of dried flowers, attention should be paid to packaging, transportation conditions, handling of special dried flowers, as well as customs clearance and compliance with regulations during international transportation. Following these precautions can more effectively protect the integrity and quality of dried flowers during transportation.